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How I went from shy and loveless in Japan to Dating Mastery and Abundance
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Some People are Born Good With Women. For the Rest of Us, it Doesn't Come Easy
Add a foreign culture and completely different dating practices to that, and you've got a recipe for confusion and frustration

When I came to Japan, I had two major problems.
First, I was massively INTROVERTED. I wasn't naturally good at first impressions and making friends quickly, let alone hooking up with beautiful, heart-stopping women. While I was comfortable around the few people I knew well, I was hopeless when it came to situations where I had to interact with new people. But I sorely wanted to have attractive women - even just one - in my life.

Second, I had NO IDEA how to attract and relate to Japanese women, who seemed utterly mysterious and distant compared to the women I had experienced back home. Smiles and laughs which seemed to indicate I was doing well with them ended up falling flat and I was left with nothing.

The only girls who were around me and would talk to me were older and uglier than the sexy high-value girls I desired. Often, it felt like they were just after me for free English lessons and cheap thrills.
I realized I was going to have to drastically change my approach
I learned about "game" and how cold approach pickup could transform me into an extroverted PIMP who had a HAREM of beautiful young bunnies hopping around me.

I consumed materials like the book "The Game" and teachings from guys like Mystery, Style, and other Western pickup coaches

And I started to go out and talk to girls.
And while this got me set off in the right direction I realized a few things were HORRIBLY WRONG about my approach and what they were teaching me.
First of all, while I was finally getting out there and talking to girls, I was still punching WAY below my weight. I had some moments I wasn't proud of and still wasn't anywhere near dating the level of girls I wanted - they wouldn't even talk to me!
not proud... But at least I look happy!
What I was getting
What I was getting
What I wanted
Most of the pickup knowledge I was reading was MESSING ME UP
-It was telling me to use "tricks" and manipulation to seduce girls

-It was teaching me methods designed for an entirely DIFFERENT culture, mindset, and dating practices

-It wasn't getting me the results I wanted with the highest tier of girls in Japan 
So I went back to square one.
I recalibrated my entire approach to Japan, learning from Japanese nampa masters and Japanese women themselves

And through a TON of action, a TON of rejection, and a TON of blood, sweat, and tears, I learned.

I evolved.

I transformed.

I shifted from TAKING from girls to GIVING to girls.
I moved from shy and anxious to confident and dominant.
I got out of my head and into the present moment.
I started taking action towards women who TRULY sparked my interest, not just those who were readily available and easy (and UGLY!).

And through the fires of right action, I evolved into a stronger, more masculine, more successful version of myself.

This new me was able to approach ANY girl, in ANY situation, at ANY time. 

I had more sexual abundance and partners than I could handle, and sex came to me easier and faster than ever before. If I told the past me that I would be hooking up with girls within 20 or 30 minutes of meeting them, and having them HARASS AND BEG ME to come out for more dates. I wouldn't have believed. But that's exactly what was happening. Again. And again. And again.

It was repeatable. And easier than ever.

Soon, all the guys around me who used to be my peers started asking me for advice.

I started coaching guys and helping them achieve the same success I had
I took guys on 3-day weekend courses called Bootcamps, and showed them the basics of cold approach and gave them live feedback and improvements.

And while these courses are MASSIVELY helpful for getting guys approaching and helping tweak their approaches to be the best possible, 3 days was simply NOT ENOUGH TIME to get all the information across.

I wanted to show people how I pick up girls through infield videos.
So I decided to create something new.

Something that would bring together ALL my knowledge and EVERYTHING guys NEED TO KNOW about pickup and dating in Japan

I'm proud to introduce you to:
Social Metamorphosis is a FULL, Zero-to-Hero Video Course, designed to teach you everything you need to know about picking up, dating, and keeping girls in Japan.
This is the culmination of ALL of my knowledge and years of experience going through THOUSANDS of rejections and hooking up with HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of HOT, YOUNG, Japanese girls.

Everything in here is 100% tailored specifically to game in Japan, and designed to bring out the BEST VERSION of yourself, create win-win situations that bring you together with the beautiful girls you've always wanted to hook up with. 

So what exactly is inside?
  • Social Metamorphosis Core: Designed to CRUSH your inner naysayer, overcome deep insecurities, and develop PERMANENT and EFFORTLESS confidence, so the REAL you attracts the women you desire. You'll learn how to get in touch with all modes of masculine expression, giving you the freedom and ability to react in a way which is both true to yourself and attractive to the girl. Finally, you'll learn how to modulate energy levels over the course of the whole interaction to maximize your ability to lead things to SEX.
  •  Japan Game: Learn why so many foreigners FAIL to relate to Japanese girls on a meaningful level, instead getting trapped in superficial and meaningless positive "tatemae" responses. Get the cultural knowledge and insights you need to break this pattern and get them thinking of you as a sexual and romantic partner, not a silly foreign toy.
  • Texting Course: Understand the texting mentality of Japanese girls, how to engage them when they've gone silent or "dead" for no reason at all, and learn how to demolish flakes so you get MORE girls EXCITED to come out to meet you.
  •  Infield Footage and Breakdowns: Watch as I approach, hook, connect with, and bring laughing, cute young girls back to my house from the street for sex within 30 minutes. I break everything down into easily digestible lessons and clear examples so you can repeat this process yourself.
  •  Street and Daygame: Everything necessary to approach girls in the most liberating and rewarding way possible, where the highest concentration of HOT women are - out around town! Find out the important steps in the process to hooking girls on the street, and how to move the interaction forward from there.
  •  Japanese Verbal Game Course: Packed with over 100 of my most-used words and phrases, the verbal game course provides you the emotionally-charged, FUN vocabulary and tools to have stronger, more exciting interactions which lead where YOU want them to go.
  •  Personality Assessment and Sticking Point Prediction Quiz: Take the personality assessment to see which missions, lectures, and sticking points most relate to you so you know EXACTLY what to focus and work on.
  •  30-day Dominance: This course has 30 daily missions over the course of one month, designed to CRUSH your AA, anxiety, and social conditioning, getting you expressing yourself freely and approaching women in a dynamic, exciting, and masculine way. These missions are a perfect starting place, whether you're just beginning and nervous, been out of the game for a while, or even a guy who goes out a lot but just wants to push himself more. 
  •  Missions: Full missions are designed to follow-up after the 30-day Dominance course, keeping you taking massive action and gaining HUGE momentum and confidence over time. Get the reference experiences and get familiar with the process to cement yourself into long-term success with women.
  •  Escalation Mastery: (gold and black plans only) Learn the proven techniques and best ways to escalate, deal with objections as they arise with elegance, and guide the entire interaction successfully to sex. Learn what specific objections she says ACTUALLY mean, and how SHE wants you to deal with them. Get her hot and horny to hook up with you THAT DAY.
  •  Retention Mastercourse: (black plan only) Get the never-before seen advanced seminar on how to keep girls past the D2. Find out why SO many foreigners have trouble with this aspect of game, and direct, actionable, and specific advice you can do to overcome these hurdles and keep girls HOOKED on you like a DRUG.
I have absolutely PACKED this course with a metric TON of information and made it the SINGLE BEST RESOURCE on pickup and dating in Japan EVER CREATED.

BUT I'm not even done yet.
This course is already complete, and you can get all the information you need to have success with women in Japan as it is RIGHT NOW. 

Here are some of the updates I've already added to the course over the past year (with more to come!):
  • Night Game - Bars and Clubs. This course goes over the entire process I use to pull girls from bars and clubs - by themselves and even away from their friends! 
  •  Infield Batch #2. The second batch of infield footage will be added in May. It's too early to divulge the specifics, but let's just say there will be new camera angles (first-person) as well as new situations (escalation at home). 
  •   Dating Course. This course discusses how to best plan your date so it ends up in a hotel or your house with sex, how to best express yourself during the date, and how to move things along smoothly and effectively.
  •  Infield Batch #3. The third batch of infield footage will be added in August, highlighting even more examples of specific lines and techniques you can use, as well as overcoming new objections and pulling in new and exciting ways.
As you can see, I'm going to KEEP adding value until you're drowning in helpful and powerful content.

But that's not all.
If you sign up now, you'll also get access to these EPIC BONUSES:
  •  Bonus #1: Access to secret Social Metamorphosis LINE and Facebook groups, where you can get advice, tips, share stories and progress, and communicate directly with me and have any questions you might have answered.
  • Bonus #2: Access to quarterly live webinars, where we'll discuss one specific topic in-depth, as well as have a Q&A session where you can ask anything about the webinar in specific or the course in general ($200 value / year).
  •  Bonus #3: My Personal field-tested BOSS Date Plans, including logistical considerations and maximized for fun and success on the date ($15 value).
  •  Bonus #4 (Gold + Black Plans): Quarterly private Skype consultations with Sinapse, discussing any game issues or advice you want (for 1st year) ($600 value)
  •  Bonus #5 (Gold + Black Plans): FREE Early access to "Japan Game," the EPIC, 2-year in the making game TOME written by Sinapse and Dorian Gray, which covers EVERY aspect of pickup in Japan. This book is lucid yet technical, powerful, yet easily digestible, and totally comprehensive ($69 value).
  •  Bonus #6 (Black Plan Only): One 5-hour private coaching session, where we mic you up and record video of your approaches, so you can get custom feedback on your verbal game, voice tone, body language, and every aspect of your pickup which previously was difficult to assess from a distance. I'll record video of your interactions and send the complete video to to you (privately), detailing your personal sticking points and areas of improvement from the footage and my observations. This process can be extremely powerful if you're at a plateau or want to improve FAST. Seeing yourself and hearing my feedback on ALL aspects of your game is PRICELESS if you're serious about improving your approach and interactions with women. I'll then create specific missions and exercises to help you improve your game, tailored just to you. This is incredibly valuable, but obviously a lot of work so I can only offer it to Black Plan members ($1200 value).
Silver Plan
6-month Access
  • Complete Social Metamorphosis Core
  • Texting Course
  • Japanese Verbal Game Course
  • Infield Footage Batch #1 + Breakdowns
  • 30-Day Dominance
  • Japan Game Culture Blast
  • Street and Daygame Course
  • BONUS: Access to Quarterly Webinars (6 months - total of 2 webinars)
  • BONUS: Access to Private LINE and Facebook Mastermind Groups
  • BONUS: Field-tested BOSS Date Plans
Gold Plan
LIFETIME (10-year, then you get the download) ACCESS + JAPAN GAME BOOK
  • LIFETIME ACCESS (10 years, then you get the full digital download) to current and future Social Metamorphosis courses and modules
  • Complete Social Metamorphosis Core
  • Texting Course
  • Japanese Verbal Game Course
  • Infield Footage (ALL Batches) + Breakdowns
  • 30-Day Dominance
  • Japan Game Culture Blast
  • Street and Daygame Course
  • Escalation Mastery
  • BONUS: Access to Private LINE and Facebook Mastermind Groups
  • BONUS: Access to Quarterly Webinars
  • BONUS: Quarterly Skype Coaching Sessions w/ Sinapse (for 1 year)
  • BONUS: FREE Early Access copy of "JAPAN GAME" comprehensive pickup ebook (over 2 years in the making) by Sinapse and Dorian Gray prior to release in April
  • BONUS: Field-tested BOSS Date Plans
Black Plan
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL current and future Social Metamorphosis courses and modules
  • Complete Social Metamorphosis Core
  • Texting Course
  • Japanese Verbal Game Course
  • Infield Footage (ALL Batches) + Breakdowns
  • 30-Day Dominance
  • Japan Game Culture Blast
  • Street and Daygame Course
  • Escalation Mastery
  • BONUS: Access to Private LINE and Facebook Mastermind Groups
  • BONUS: Access to Quarterly Webinars
  • BONUS: Quarterly Skype Coaching Sessions w/ Sinapse (for 1 year)
  • BONUS: FREE Early Access copy of "JAPAN GAME" comprehensive pickup ebook (over 2 years in the making) by Sinapse and Dorian Gray prior to release in April
  • BONUS: One 5-hour private in-field coaching session [choose night or day game] with Sinapse including listening and recording for in-depth analysis ($500 Value)
  • BONUS: Personalized video analysis and evaluation (after watching you infield) in video format talking about YOUR approaches (filmed during in-field coaching session), and tailored mission and exercises designed specifically for you to overcome your specific sticking points and areas of improvement ($300 Value)
  • BONUS: Retention Mastercourse - Never-before-discussed techniques to retain those high-value girls and get them ADDICTED to you long-term. Learn why so many guys fail to keep girls around after the first date and how you can reverse this pattern ($100 Value)
  • BONUS: Free Access to All Live Seminars and Events
  • BONUS: Field-tested BOSS Date Plans
How MUCH do you want success with women?
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